Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Investment
Elpis will be the first crypto-asset trading company totally driven by Artificial Intelligence and based on the blockchain. We have developed a system that would allow us to have the best possible performance for the lowest possible costs and risks. We work only on performance and transparently with a public auditing blockchain ledger. Our clients will be: - Retail users and traders will be able to buy and follow our algorithmic strategie, with our technology they will be able to profit on crypto and non-crypto markets in the long term. - Professional clients will come in after the ICO as soon as the fund is regulated and our fees will be based on our token and on performance-only. Our token is recognized as a utility token and used just for powering our retail services. During the private allocation, investors committing more than 20m ELP tokens = 2.5% of equity, will be able to ask for the exchange in company share after 1 year of cliff.
Token sale completed on 15 September
Goal: 1000000
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Main ICO: 06 August — 15 September
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