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4xBit is an online endeavor created to efficiently partake in the Borderline transaction of cryptocurrency. The organization was created to ensure cryptocurrencies like 4xBit procures well- deserved acclamation as one of the leading virtual finances platforms where the company at the sole discretion of their customers can facilitate coin formulation and investment opportunities while ensuring effortless MyBtcFx trading options are made available. The “Peer to Peer” network hosting and Cryptonote algorithm makes MyBtcFx one of the most investment-worthy cryptocurrencies today. The transactions sanctioned by us are safeguarded and secured by strong security systems. With the worldwide coin number supply limited to 150 million, the transactions are kept completely confidential for security reasons. A total of 15 million coins have been pre-mined at the first block which will be followed by 514 decrements gradually with every block mined. A block time of 15 seconds is allotted. It has been developed using the C++ language of type PoW without the Secp256k1 specification. MyBtcFx extensively uses the world's leading technology- Blockchain to initiate and maintain its digital funds. The fact that it allows digital information to be shared or distributed but never copied makes it one of the safest mediums for cryptocurrency usage. However, where there is an investment, there is the risk and hence, we request you to always acknowledge the detailed rules before taking the plunge. MyBtcFx requires all users to register directly on the company's official website before proceeding. All trading options enlisted here within, are 100% safe. This digital money corporation is not under the direct regulation of the Government and does not share ties with Central Bank.
Token sale completed on 01 March
Goal: 5000000 (USD)
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Main ICO: 11 October — 01 March
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