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AMBCrypto is an independent cryptocurrency news publishing and ICO data providing platform with a reach of over a million users worldwide. Conceptualised and brought to life in 2018, we are a young and vibrant start-up on an upward climb to the top. We take great pride in the fact that we are a non-funded organization and have seen exponential growth since inception. We are among the top cryptocurrency news portals around the world.


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An ICO (Initial Coin Offering or Token Sale) is a type of fundraising where in exchange for money (Bitcoin, Ethereum or fiat money) investors receive tokens (coins). Projects that launch an ICO promise an investor that tokens will have value and can be used after the ICO.

Pre-ICO, is the token sale event that Blockchain enterprises run before the official crowdsale or ICO campaign go live. The fund-raising targets for Pre-ICOs are often lower as compared to that of the main ICO and tokens are usually sold cheaper.

Bounties are essentially incentivized reward mechanisms offered by companies to individuals.


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